Why another book on startups?

The trend of startups has become a global phenomenon, able to make also global impact by disrupting many traditional industries (e.g. Uber, Bellabeat…). It seems is going hand in hand with the digital revolution, affecting modern consumers’ lifestyle behavior, with even more dynamics and personal engagement. New approaches of customer development methodology, lean methodology and canvas business models that are partly reflecting such changes, have significantly affected new products creation and are widely spread among the startup community.

Above concepts teach us how to develop great products and how to find the right product-market fit, but we know we need also great stories, which are appropriately communicated to all brand stakeholders in order to succeed. Many times also good products, which fit well to modern consumers, but are not appropriately communicated, cannot survive. Our book helps startups to upgrade their product-market fit into their optimum brand-market fit. So, we are stressing the marketing perspective of how to develop and strengthen startup brands in today’s hypercompetitive environment. Here, the emphasis is oriented toward building unique relationships among all stakeholders who are involved in brand creation and form a startups’ unique culture.

The proposed approach upgrades also the prevailing, mainly static models of brand development used in larger and established companies as a need to adapt to the faster pace of changing conditions internally in companies, and in the external environment. We do it by inputting the dynamics and bringing in the customers to the process from the early beginning at level of brand vison. The customer as a final evaluator of a brand success is now involved in such approach also as brand co-creator before the brand is launched to the market and becomes its validator during the process of its development.

Startups are a reality all over the word, not just in USA, or specifically in Silicon Valley! Their number is increasing from month to month all around the world, but not because they are becoming fancy, a way of life, or just a buzzword, it’s because of people. Especially the young ones that want a better word, and have a dream how to do it, while leaving some personal impact in it! The difference is that they are taking now an active role in this process and are prepared to work hard for their dreams. Therefore, in our approach of book co-creation we invited startups and other stakeholders from different continents and parts of the word, to validate our approach that could be applied widely, optimistically speaking universally. In this process we have discovered that startups across the world are facing very similar problems, challenges and needs. This was a confirmation we are on the right way in our process.

 Sharing above reason of many ambitious people, we also wanted to contribute something for a better word. So, the reason why of this book was to increase the success of thousands of startups that start their journey filled with passion, but too many times without the right approach. If we contributed to lower their failure rate and helped increase their success, we have reached our goal!

“Join us in our journey along the startup branding funnel!”

Maja & Mitja